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Change Your Facebook Notifications Settings

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Facebook Notifications is a way to find out anything new in your Facebook. will notify you with the pop-up notification if anything new happens. There are lots of ways to get notified i.e. via mobile phone, email, etc. But the easiest one is to see by yourself after you log in to your Facebook account. You will see a globe-like icon on the topmost right side of the homepage in blue background. Click on that icon to view current Facebook notifications. Click on the ‘See All’ in order to view all the notifications up to 7 days.

How To Change Facebook Notifications Settings ?

You can receive notification on Facebook via email or mobile phone when people post, comment or send message. In order to change the notification settings:Click Settings at the top of your Page

  1. Click Notifications icon.
  2. Click on Settings link to go to Facebook notifications setting option.
  3. You can choose how you want to get your notifications i.e. on Facebook, Email and Push Notifications.
  4. On Email, you can choose from:
    • All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from
    • Important notifications about you or activity you’ve missed
    • Only notifications about your account, security and privacy
  5. Choose and change on ‘What you get Notified About’. You can choose not to see further notifications from close friends, tags, followers, pages you manage, group activity and at last App request & activity. See and use yourself to know about this feature better.


You can also manage your notifications from your personal settings for Facebook Page :

  1. In the top right of Facebook, click  icon and select Settings.
  2. Click on Notifications from the left column.
  3. Click Pages you manage.
  4. Click the box next to each Page in order to adjust your notifications.
  5. Click Close after you are done.

Thing To Remember: Even if you choose not to see any further notifications, you can still see recent activity on the right side of your page.

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Facebook Stalks Your TV-Watching Pattern

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No, it’s not about finding out your favorite Television shows. Facebook is capable of knowing what TV show you are watching on your computer, cell phone or tablet. FB is likely to know about it regarding that users provide every bit of information to the social networking site. It is not personal anymore. Facebook has now partnered and collaborated with Nielsen, the most popular Television show rating site in order to track down the mobile TV viewing habit of the online users.

How does this work? Here is how. If you have accessed your Facebook profile from your mobile devices, any social network; Facebook, for instance will be able to know your favorite kind of TV shows and the shows you watch mostly. Then will provide all your viewership data and information to Nielsen. This is to help out all the advertisers learn a lot about the audience who watch Television shows online. I don’t see anything bad happening about this experiment help by Facebook and Nielson. But it certainly is a violation of user’s privacy. Chris Conley, an attorney of the American Civil Liberties Union in North Carolina said, “It’s interesting to me that I’m watching a video somewhere and somehow Facebook knows that.”


Nielson’s representative assures Facebook users that this process is all anonymous and privacy-protected. This opens window for Nielson to gain control over demographics of audience using digital devices to watch Television shows. Matching what TV shows Americans like with personal characteristics, such as age and gender, is intended to help marketers create better-targeted, more-efficient advertisements — often without reminding users that the data are being collected.

It all started back in the year of 2010 as a simple Facebook-Nielsen collaboration to gather all the information about the commercials that are being watched from desktops and laptops. At that time, Mobile technology was hard to cope with. Now now there are whole new ways to do that such as Facebook users from mobile devices.

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WorldCup Fever On Facebook

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No wonder World Cup 2014 is the most talked topic all over the internet and Not only World Cup this edition making breaking lots of records and creating histories, it is breaking record in Facebook. As the end of WC Brazil 2014 approaches, the interaction, news feeds and topics about worldcup are getting more and more popular. Facebook estimates 500 million out of their 1.28 billion users are football fans. Mathematically speaking, it is roundabout 39% of the total current FB users. 62% out of that 500 million people are on Facebook every day. How about that for a WorldCup fact?


According to the Facebook’s statistics, Brazil’s facebook users were responsible for one quarter of a traffic in Tuesday, July 8th, i.e. the semi-final match between the host nation and the 3 time cup holder Germany. There was more than 16 million people creating 52 million+ interactions i.e. statuses, posts, likes and comments. Talking about the second highest worldcup interactions so far in Facebook, it was The United States with 6.3 million users making more than 14 million interactions. Talking about the semi-final match between Brazil and Germany where Germany thrashed Brazil by 7-1 in their home ground, around 66 million people users created more than 200 million interactions.

On the other hand, there are 350 thousand tweets per day about World Cup 2014. The top 3 World Cup hash-tags used are as follows:


List of FIFA WorldCup Distribution of Fans in Facebook:

  1. India – 3802088
  2. Indonesia – 2735573
  3. United States – 2296992
  4. Brazil – 2112928
  5. Mexico – 1871179

It’s all about football fan around the world. Surprisingly, both India and Indonesia aren’t part of the WorldCup. The United States were in Round of 16. Soccer (Football) is not that much popular in the United States. But WorldCup changed it all. Men between the ages of 18-24 posted to Facebook the most of any demographic during the match Tuesday, followed by men aged 25-34, women aged 18-34, women aged 25-34 and men aged 13-17.