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How to Create Facebook Business Pages

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Most of the people don’t know that they can advertise of their business on The reason is that tool used for advertisement is practically hidden. You can easily create facebook business pages for your Business. But you need to read all the terms and conditions because doing anything against the terms of service, will delete your facebook page and also deactivate your account.

facebook business pages

Steps to Create Facebook Business Pages

  1. At first create your own Facebook account, not the company account.
  2. Click on “Advertising” button located at the bottom of the page.
  3. Then, click on “Pages” this will give you all the information about what you can do on your Facebook business pages, it provides you a sort of tutorial page.
  4. Then, choose what type of company you have like a musical outfit or design or communications firm or anything. Facebook automatically applies templates based on that choice. And provide the name of the page your business name.
  5. Complete the profile with your business logo or a photo of your company, and list any events that your company is planning of.
  6. You can also find a plus sign at the top of the page which allows you to add other applications such as videos, notes, photos, etc. When you click plus sign, a drop-down menu appears providing you with options for elements that you want to add. You have to click the one you want add and follow the directions provided. For example, if you want to add video click on “Video” option, after that you just need upload the video from your computer and it appers on your Facebook Business Pages.
  7. You can use any of the tools available until you get the look that you want. Keep in mind that you can always delete the page anytime you want.
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How to follow Facebook Friends on Twitter?

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Facebook and Twitter both being the world’s famous and leading websites in social media, many people wants to merge these sites. I mean someone might want to add Facebook friends on Twitter. You might be concern on finding friends on twitter? Many people are facing same problem these days, and they are not getting any solution even after searching for the solution on Google. Finding all your Facebook Friends on your twitter account has no any direct search. As you can’t directly add them on your Twitter account there is an alternate way to add to complete that process. The person can easily search for the Facebook friends from their Twitter account with the Email account associated with Facebook account.

Twitter doesn’t provide you any direct option to Import all your Facebook friends to twitter or get you the link to view their twitter accounts. To do this you have only one odd process. It is the simple one, for which you have to first import all your Facebook contacts or friends to Yahoo or Outlook first and then to twitter account.

facebook friends on twitter

 Steps to follow your Facebook Friends on Twitter

  1. At first go to your Yahoo or Outlook account and import the Facebook contact to it.
  2. After that login to you twitter account.
  3. Go to the link:!/who_to_follow/import, to import Facebook contact on twitter.
  4. Click the email service provider that you are using currently, i.e. Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo/AOL which is associated with your Facebook account.
  5. And after that you will get the full list of Twitter user of your Facebook account; you can choose the one you want to follow and leave the rest of them.

This may look like a long process but, you have no other easy ways to import all your facebook friends on twitter. So now you can enjoy exchanging tweets between your facebook friends after following them on twitter.

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Facebook Addiction

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‘Social Networking!’ could be the first answer when anybody is asked about their purpose of internet surfing. And, Facebook might get the largest vote in the crowd. In fact, the first thing that I, and most of the people I know, do soon as I open web browser is login to facebook. Any other thing comes afterwards. I tend to believe this is applicable for, maybe not everyone but, most of us in the web. And, it is no less than any other kind of addiction.

Facebook Addiction

It is not actually ‘Facebok Addiction’ as I see it; it is merely the eagerness to ‘getting social’. But, you get too consumed by something, and you obviously get the tagging. However, is a place where everything comes to a meeting point: friends, thoughts, creativity, news, games, and what not. A friend could be living abroad and you could just make easy contacts. You could share your thoughts, views, ideas, creativity for others to appreciate. Moreover, breaking news can be found in facebook, in many cases before it is broadcasted in television or radio. These are the primary things people tend to get engaged into even if they are not in social networking sites. And, when you have a departmental store, why bother visiting individual retail stores?

Nonetheless, even if the pros cannot be discarded, the cons also should never be forgotten. Socializing in the web and turning it into addiction could hamper the actual social life because not everyone is an active internet user. And, you’d be missing outside-facebook life.

‘Facebok Addiction’ is a bad term no matter what you are addicted to. Too much of something is too much of nothing. Facebook’s goal is to increase the number of users and the use itself. However, it is up to the user how they want to use it.